The Museum rents out the Arlington Room and Dunton Room. View Basic Guidelines for Room Rentals at the Historical Museum.

Room Rental Information

110 West Fremont Street, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Telephone: 847-255-1225 ▪ Fax: 847-255-1570


Museum Room Rental Rates


Arlington Room » view room Mon-Thurs Fri. Sat. Sun. & Holidays
Resident $45.00/ Hr. $55.00/ Hr.
Non-Resident $60.00/ Hr. $70.00/ Hr.
Commercial $85.00/ Hr. $95.00/ Hr.

The Museum reserves the right to change these guidelines without notice.

* Historical Society Members in Good Standing will receive a 25% discount off of the total Room Rental Fee.


Available Equipment

Dry Erase/Chalkboard Refrigerator (Kitchen)
Coffee Urn 30 or 55 cup Microwave (Kitchen)
Podium Screen
Extension Cord Coat Rack

Contact Michelle at 847-255-1225 for more details.

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