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Festival of the Wreaths: What You Can Do With a Silver Platter Class

August 28, 2015 09:00 AM

Remember those engraved silver platters that you received as a wedding gift or heirloom, but now lie in a pile somewhere in a closet? The Arlington Heights Historical Society will show you how to re-purpose those platters at 1p.m. Saturday, September 19, in a class called What You Can do With a Silver Platter.
                “No one wants to polish silver anymore,” says Betsy Kmiecik, president of the society, who is using the class as a way to introduce the Festival of the Wreaths to the community, a fundraising effort being sponsored by the society on November, 27, 28 and 29. “But silver platters with some tarnish actually look good with some patina, and we will show you how to re-use them in a fresh, unique way that you can use as gifts for upcoming holidays,” says Kmiecik.
                The Silver Platter class costs $25 and will be held at the Historical Museum, located at 110 W. Fremont Street, near the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Class goers are asked to bring their own family silver platter, or can purchase one at the class. The $25 fee includes floral supplies, ribbons, hanger and other items to choose from. Go to to register online for class 3523-5, or call 847-577-3000 for more information.
Kmiecik says the Festival of the Wreaths is patterned after other cities who ask their residents to make and donate any type of wreaths to the Historical Society for a silent auction that coincides with the village’s Tree Lighting Ceremony in North School Park on Friday, November 27. The deadline for registering your wreath is Friday, October 16; you must bring your finished wreath to the Historical Museum by Friday, October 30. There will be an invitation-only preview party at the museum for those donating wreaths, and awards for wreaths in various categories will be announced.
The Festival of the Wreaths begins right after the Tree Lighting Ceremony on Friday, November 27, when people can view the wreaths and vote for the People’s Choice Awards for individual wreaths. The Festival of the Wreaths silent auction begins at 1:30 pm Saturday, November 28 and ends at 4:30 pm Sunday, November 29. For more information call 847-255-1225, or to register your wreath, go to
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