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These handcrafted sodas follow the original recipes used by the Sass and Brother manufacturers in 1872, and use the finest quality ingredients including real cane sugar. Those familiar with this 140-year old tradition will rejoice.

There are fourteen flavors for sale: Lemon, Strawberry, Ginger Ale, Sarsaparilla, Orange, Diet Cola, Cola, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Cream Soda, Golden Ginger Ale, Lime, Grape and Klondike Fizz (a mix of strawberry, orange & lemon). 

Produced & Bottled by Avery 's Beverages, New Britain, CT.

Available at the Museum Gift Shop.

All proceeds from the sale of this product benefit the Arlington Heights Historical Museum.

Brief History of The Beverage Company 

The company was organized as "Sass and Brother" manufacturers of soda water in 1872. The proprietors were Louis.H. Sass and F.W. Müller. The bottling works were located at 116 S. Dunton. They manufactured Ginger ale, Sarsaparilla, Lemon Soda and Strawberry Soda. By 1873, F.W. Muller bought out his half-brother’s interest in the company.

The bottling works were relocated in 1882 to 500 North Vail Ave where F.W. Muller erected a brick building. The basement was used for a factory and the first floor for a home. (now part of the Arlington Heights Historical Museum complex.) F.W. Muller Carbonated Beverages delivered soda pop along the dirt roads of the Northwest Suburbs. By this time, new flavors including Lemon Sour, Klondike Fizz, Buffalo Mead and Cream Soda were added.

In 1906, the property at 110 and 112 W. Fremont St. was purchased and a new building was built.

The building housed the bottling factory, offices, and garage on the first floor and apartments for Muller’s sons William and Henry on the second floor. Mr. Muller retired in 1923 and his sons William and Henry took over the business and renamed it Arlington Club Beverages.

In 1945, they sold out to Harvey Shumaker and William Schild. Later Mr. Schild sold his share to Rod Wille.

In 1956, the plant was purchased by Robert Thompson. In 1960, Harvey and Marion Lutz bought the business.

In 1964, the business moved to 1326 W. Central Road in Mt. Prospect due to changes in zoning laws.

In 1978, the business was sold to Robert Phelps.

In 1986, the business was sold to Richard Vandenbark. At that time, it offered 33 flavors, and yearly sales were approximately $550,000. Its appeal was its low price, 7 and 10 oz. Bottles, freshness, and multiple flavors. Vandenbark declared bankruptcy in 1991.

In 2015, the Arlington Club Beverage product was revitalized and returned to the Historical Museum after partnering with Avery's Beverages for production.

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