Muller Children


The Müller Children

Minnie, the eldest child of F.W. and Lizzie Müller, married Nathaniel Moore Banta on July 17, 1901. Her husband was the first president of the Arlington Heights Park Board and Minnie was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of A.H. They had a daughter named Elizabeth, and she married Herbert E. Müller on June 18, 1927. Minnie died on January 19, 1963 in Old Orchard Manor Nursing Home, Skokie, Illinois. Nathaniel died on February 5, 1932 at the age of 65.

William C. was born 1876-married Mary Putnam. They had four daughters. Wilhelmine, Lorraine, Marie and Adeline. William died February 13, 1960 in Las Vegas, New Mexico and was buried there. He was survived by his wife Mary, 2 daughters: Wilhelmine Engel of Cheyenne, Wyoming and Lorraine Leftwich of Las Vegas, New Mexico, 10 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren. Preceding him in death were his brother Henry, and two daughters, Adeline (who married William Erb of Las Vegas, New Mexico) and Marie. Marie married Eugene C. Stroker on March 27, 1925 in Arlington Heights.

Henry married Huldah Elizabeth Hallen on April 26, 1906. He died October 1947 leaving his wife, daughter Mrs. Willard Pate, a grandson, and his three sisters. Huldah celebrated her 100th birthday in the Americana Nursing Home, Arlington Heights in 1982.

Marie never married. She was a public school teacher. She died in 1962.

Adeline never married. She sold the family home to the Historical Society in 1967 for use as a museum. She died in 1971.

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