School Programs

School Programs

Welcome to the Arlington Heights Historical Museum School Programs page!  We know you have many options available for field trips and we are invested in creating affordable, educational, hands-on programming for your students on our two acre campus.  Beyond the listings you see below, we are open to working with you to create programming just for your scholastic needs and/or the special needs of your students. For more information or to book a field trip, please contact Lauren Szady, Program Coordinator, at 847-255-1225 or  Check back often as we add new, exciting content to our offerings!

Early Childhood (Pre K-1)

Length: 90 minutes

Cost: $5/Student

Story Garden Walk: Using the framework of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) or It’s Fall (Linda Glaser), students will explore nature, develop their senses and participate in various hands on activities while visiting the museum grounds. Note: Peter Rabbit is available in the Spring and Summer only.  It’s Fall is available from late Summer through the Fall only.

  • ISBE Reading Standard 4.A.1b

  • ISBE Science Standards 12.A.1a and 12.B.1a

Young Pioneers: By visiting the Log House and participating in old fashioned chores and games, students will compare and contrast their modern lives to those of pioneer children in the 19th century.

  • ISBE Social Science Standards 16.A.1a, 16.E.1, 16.E.2a, 17.C.1a

Harvest Home: Through a series of stories, hands-on activities and visits to our historical buildings, students will become familiar with the reality of the first Thanksgiving and how it has evolved into our modern American tradition.

  • ISBE Social Science Standards 16.A.1b, 16.A.1c, 16.B.1b, 16.D.2a, 17.C.1a

Early Elementary (Grades 2-4)

Movin’ West: By visiting the Log House and Coach House and participating in 19th century chores, games and pioneer skills, students will compare and contrast their modern day lives to those of Pioneer families.  Focus will be on the reasons for westward migration, modes of travel, occupations and lifestyles of the pioneers.

Length: 2 Hours
Cost: $6/Student
  • ISBE Social Science Standards 16.A.2c, 16.D.2b, 16.E.2a

Native American Lifestyles: Take a look at the lifestyles of Native Americans living in Arlington Heights the 17th and 18th centuries. Discover how Native Americans lived in harmony with the land and met their needs for food, clothing, tool construction, and shelter.

Length: 2 Hours
Cost: $6/Student

Soda Pop Scientist: Students become scientist as they participate in multi-sensory, hands-on experiments that relate to the properties of soda pop and learn the history behind the Arlington Club Beverage company with a tour of the buildings where it all started.

Length: 2 Hours
Cost: $6/Student

All Ages

Length: 2 Hours

Cost: $6/Student

Historic House Tour:  Students will visit our 1882 F.W. Muller House, 1908 N.M. Banta House, Coach House and replica Log House.  Students in grade 2 and above can participate in a Hunt for History Scavenger Hunt along the way, testing their observation skills in a fun, non-competitive environment.



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