The Museum rents out the Arlington Room. View Basic Guidelines for Room Rentals at the Historical Museum.

Room Rental Information

110 West Fremont Street, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Telephone: 847-255-1225 ▪ Fax: 847-255-1570


Museum Room Rental Rates


Arlington Room » view room Mon-Thurs Fri. Sat. Sun. & Holidays
Resident $45.00/ Hr. $55.00/ Hr.
Non-Resident $60.00/ Hr. $70.00/ Hr.
Commercial $85.00/ Hr. $95.00/ Hr.

The Museum reserves the right to change these guidelines without notice.

* Historical Society Members in Good Standing will receive a 25% discount off of the total Room Rental Fee.


Available Equipment

Dry Erase/Chalkboard Refrigerator (Kitchen)
Coffee Urn 30 or 55 cup Microwave (Kitchen)
Podium Smartboard ($25  additional fee)
Extension Cord Coat Rack

Contact Michelle at 847-255-1225 for more details.

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