Basic Guidelines for Room Rentals

Arlington Heights Historical Museum

Room Rental Terms and Conditions

1. Museum buildings and grounds shall be left in a clean and orderly condition. All event supplies brought into the Museum are expected to be removed at time of departure.

2. Alcohol is not permitted on Museum property.

3. When temporary signs and/or other physical additions and/or changes are desired, prior approval must be obtained from Museum staff. All signs posted and/or other physical additions on the Museum property must be removed by the Group/Individual upon the conclusion of the rental.

4. Various rooms at the Museum must be maintained at a certain temperature due to preservation of the historical collections. Therefore, temperature control and opening of doors and windows will be monitored and maintained by Museum staff.

5. Light refreshments (i.e. cake, coffee, pizza, etc.) may be brought in. Limited kitchen facilities are available for use with prior permission (i.e. coffee urns, refrigerator, etc.).

6. Smoking inside the Museum and all other Village of Arlington Heights properties is prohibited.

7. No materials, objects or equipment belonging to the Museum may be touched or moved without approval and/or only under the supervision of authorized Museum staff.

8. Use of lighted candles is prohibited (exception made for small cake candles).

9. The Museum will not be responsible in the event that the meeting room becomes unavailable because of circumstances beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to: power failure, roof leaks, structural damage, lack of sanitary facilities, and/or closure of the facility by the Village of Arlington Heights or the Arlington Heights Park District. All fees will be returned in full in the case of such an occurrence.

10. The Arlington Heights Historical Museum does not assume any liability for property lost or stolen on the Museum premises or for personal injuries sustained on the premises during the Group/Individual use of the premises. The Group/Individual hereby agrees to assume the full risk of any injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that the Group/Individual and their attendees/guests may sustain as a result of this agreement. The Group/Individual further agrees to waive and release the Arlington Heights Historical Museum: Arlington Heights Park District, Village of Arlington Heights, and the Arlington Heights Historical Society from any and all losses, claims, suits or judgments or damages that Group/Individual and their attendees/guests participants might sustain as a result of any and all activities connected with or associated with this agreement.

11. The Group/Individual renting a room at the Museum will be responsible for the conduct of their attendees/guests and any damage to the premises resulting from the acts of such attendees/guests. In the event of damage to the Museum’s facility (carpet stains, broken equipment, broken furniture, and/or other damage) the Museum reserves the right to apply an additional fee to the application agreement to cover damage cost(s).

12. Payment will be made in full no less than one week prior to the scheduled event.

13. A fee of $50 will be accrued for each 15 minute increment spent beyond contracted reservation time. This fee will be payable to the Arlington Heights Historical Museum.

14. Reservations will not be accepted before 9 AM and after 9 PM.


Interested in booking a rental? Start the process here:

Please select your first and second choice start time and date that would work for your group to book your rental. Rentals are allowed between 9am-9pm.

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