Basic Guidelines for Room Rentals

  1. Available Facilities
  1. Arlington Room is available for rental. (The Museum Grounds and Historic Buildings are not available for rentals.)
  2. Rental hours shall be Monday-Thursday, 9 am-10 pm, Friday 9 am-4 pm, and Saturday and Sunday,1-5 pm unless special arrangements are made. A Rental will begin at time prescribed on rental application. If time is needed for set up and decoration of the room, this time must be included in the rental period specified on the application.
  3. No rentals are available on the following major Holidays: New Year's Eve & Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted on Museum property (includes grounds and rooms).
  1. Application: Room Rental Application
  1. A certificate of insurance may be required from a group or individual renting a room at the museum or hosting an event on museum property. The certificate of insurance must name the Village of Arlington Heights, the Arlington Heights Park District, Arlington Heights Memorial Library and the Arlington Heights Historical Society as "additional names insured". This certificate must be in the Museum office prior to the beginning of the rental. The Museum Administrator will confirm whether a certificate of insurance is needed at the time the group/ individual files an application.
  2. A $25 security deposit will be required for all "one time" rentals. The $25 check will be returned if all guidelines are followed by the group or individual for clean up of the facility and no damage is done inside the rooms, bathrooms or on the Museum grounds.
  3. The group or individual agrees that any written or oral communications regarding the rental (such as brochures, flyers or posters) to the public will contain the following disclaimer: "This program/event is sponsored by (group or individual) and is not sponsored or in any way affiliated with the Arlington Heights Historical Society, the Arlington Heights Park District, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library or the Village of Arlington Heights." Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the loss of future renting privileges.
  1. Vehicle Access and Parking
  1. Free parking is available weekday evenings and weekends in Commuter Lot S directly south of the Museum. Two and four hour street parking is available both weekdays and weekends. Temporary parking permits for parking in the commuter lot on weekdays and on the street past posted time limitations are available from Museum staff.
  1. Buildings
  1. Smoking is prohibited in all Museum buildings.
  2. Use of lighted candles is prohibited (exception made for cake candles).
  3. No object of any type is allowed to be hung from the ceiling (i.e. piñatas or streamers).

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